Tobacco Control Interventions /

28th January - 1st February 2019

This module, held at the University of Nottingham: ‘Tobacco Control Interventions’ is worth 10 credits for students and can be taken as a stand-alone module. The course is taught by leading academics and practitioners and is comprised of a lectures, discussion groups and debates.

To view the programme from the 2018 course click here.
a new programme for the 2019 course will be released in the fall term.

Learning outcomes:

1. Have awareness of a variety of tobacco control interventions.
2. Assess the contribution of different tobacco control interventions to reducing tobacco use in a population and for individuals.
3. Critique potential future tobacco control interventions.
4. Be able to design a tobacco control intervention and show how it would be evaluated.

Key Points

Assess the contribution of a range of tobacco control interventions to reduce tobacco use in both individuals and the population.
Critique potential future tobacco control interventions and be able to design and evaluate a tobacco control intervention.

More Information:

Please contact Rachael Murray on:
0115 823 1389

University of Nottingham

Clinical Sciences Building

28th Jan - 1st Feb 2019

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