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UKCTAS is a network of 13 universities (12 in the UK, one in New Zealand) funded by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration. Conducting research, teaching and policy work into tobacco and alcohol, both important public health concerns.

One of the main objectives of the centre is to engage, recruit, train and develop new researchers. The ECR group meet a few times a year to discuss the work of individual researchers in alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarette research. Read more about our ECR programme here.

The UKCTAS aims to deliver an international research and policy development portfolio, and build capacity in tobacco and alcohol research.

Our work includes developing strategies for behaviour change in tobacco and alcohol use, assessing risks, identifying measures to reduce harm, monitoring the tobacco and alcohol industries, and developing effective public policies to improve public health and wellbeing.

Linked to the tobacco or alcohol industry - our research is conducted without industry funding or influence.

A lobbying group, but we do have close links with advocacy organisations and will assist them where appropriate.

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Our objectives

To carry out research and policy work in national and global tobacco control and develop programmes of work on preventing harmful use of alcohol.

Build and consolidate capacity for the future by further developing our cohort of early career tobacco control researchers.

To engage, recruit, train and develop new researchers, health professionals, policymakers, advocates and others in both tobacco control and alcohol research policy and practice.

Work with our research centres and stakeholders to provide further strategic direction for tobacco and alcohol policy and advocacy, and apply and continue to develop our methodological expertise regarding these behavioural issues.