Nicotine and Tobacco: Current issues, Policy and Practice /

11th-14th May 2015

Building on our previous Continuing Professional Development courses on tobacco control and alcohol policy, the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies is delighted to be offering a CPD course on nicotine and tobacco for a second time.

Successfully delivered for the first time in 2015, the course is aimed at professionals working in a range of organisations who are interested in public health and policy. The module is taught by leading academics and practitioners.

In addition to the topics covered on our previous tobacco control CPD, we will also be examining in detail the current evidence on tobacco harm reduction, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-containing devices.

Full list of presenters now availaible:

Module Content:

Origins of tobacco use

• History of Tobacco use
• UK and global trends in tobacco and nicotine use
• The tobacco epidemic and recent trends in e-cigarette use
• Key milestones in UK, EU and international policy on tobacco
• Introduction to key policy frameworks

Media advocacy and nicotine and tobacco

• Defining public health media advocacy
• Examining media advocacy in the context of tobacco harm reduction
• Exploring examples of advocacy in practice
• Creating opportunities for advocacy

Nicotine, tobacco and commercial interests

• Identification of the main tobacco companies
• Background to tobacco industry document analysis
• Tobacco industry influence on public policy
• Pharmaceutical industry and public policy
• Electronic cigarettes and commercial interests

Key policy areas

• Harm reduction
• Taxation and smuggling
• Marketing and packaging
• Protection and prevention
• Smokefree environments
• Policies to reach particular subgroups

Tobacco and nicotine use and dependence

• Health risks of tobacco
• Emerging evidence on content, profile and any potential health risks of e-cigarettes
• Addiction and nicotine use
• Smoking in pregnancy
• Smoking in children and young people. Emerging evidence on e-cigarette experimentation and use in children
• Smoking and inequalities in health, including mental health
• Biology and neurobiology of tobacco and nicotine use
• Genetics of tobacco and nicotine use

University of Stirling

11th-14th May 2015

Stirling Court Hotel

New Updated Content

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

• Describe and discuss patterns of tobacco consumption, prevalence and addiction and the rise of e-cigarette use.
• Assess key milestones in tobacco and nicotine policy and the contribution of policy in developing and implementing effective interventions.
• Critically discuss the role of commercial interests, including the tobacco industry, in promoting tobacco use and recent controversies regarding the e-cigarette industry.
• Describe and discuss the range of effective interventions to reduce tobacco use and the place of tobacco harm reduction, including e-cigarettes, in addressing tobacco use.
• Assess the potential impact of current and emerging tobacco control priorities on different population groups, including tobacco harm reduction approaches.
• Discuss principles of media advocacy as applied to current issues in tobacco control.

If you'd like to attend this course please complete an application form and return it to us asap.

More Information:

Please contact Carol Anne Greenan on:
01786 4677347

Key Points

Open to all professionals with an interest in public health, health promotion and policy.

• This module is available to take with credits(on successful completion of a post course assignment) or as a stand-alone course for professional development

• Limited to thirty five places.

• Available on both a residential and non-residential basis.

• Discounted accommodation rate of £59 per night B&B available at Stirling Court, subject to availability.

• Module costs: £550 unaccredited or £699 with accreditation.