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We examine the difference in approach of policy makers towards the tobacco and alcohol industries, where the alcohol industry has some participation in voluntary policies and in the decision-making process, which is not the case with tobacco.

Through methods of tobacco document research, of which around 70 million pages are available on the Tobacco Documents Legacy Library database, we have made a leading contribution to research into the tobacco industry, its practices and motives. Evidence emerging from UKCTAS research shows that the tactics used by the major alcohol companies to sell products and influence reulatory environments closely resemble the tobacco industry. We are currently developing new methods to build on this document research and have launched the Tobacco Tactics website which contains the findings of our research, in addition to academic outputs in journals.

Further approaches include:


Jeff Collin - University of Edinburgh
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Anna Gilmore - University of Bath

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Legacy Tobacco Documents Library database.

Tobacco Tactics

Reviewing evidence on industry influence in key policy areas
Use of social network analysis to explore and examine the overlap of individuals and organisation in efforts to influence policy
Examine the industry's changing structure, corporate social responsibility activities and increasing dependence on emerging markets
Examining tobacco industry involvement in illicit supply and social marketing interventions to reduce illicit demand

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