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Workstream 3

This workstream explores interventions to promote smoking cessation and reduce excessive alcohol consumption. The research aims to improve design and delivery of smoking cessation and alcohol reduction interventions for use in health service and wider contexts. In simple terms, it asks 'what can we do to help smokers quit?'

Led by Professors Tim Coleman (Nottingham) and Paul Aveyard (Oxford), with research groups in Oxford, Nottingham, QMUL, King's College London, Liverpool and UCL, a selection of our work is given below.


Paul Aveyard - University of Oxford
01865 617 860

Tim Coleman - University of Nottingham
0115 823 0204

Develop work on nicotine preloading, varenicline dose tailoring, and combined and novel therapies for smoking cessation.
Developing a tailored support model for the elderly in primary care.
Pilot work on service provision in alternative settings (e.g. supermarkets and business parks) to improve service reach to smokers.
Development of strategies to prevent relapse back into smoking.

Improving Stop Smoking Services (SSS) provision to smokers.
Efficacy of electronic cigarettes compared with NRT and in general.
Develop brief interventions for problem drinking, based on successful approaches in smoking cessation, that require minimal training.
Assess strategies for improving the reach and effectiveness of smoking cessation support for smokers with mental illness.

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