Population strategies for behaviour change /

Workstream 2

We study ways of preventing and reducing smoking and harmful use of alcohol across the population by focusing on the following areas:

Extend minimum pricing models for alcohol to tobacco and apply methods used to track tobacco prices and affordability changes to alcohol
Access and availability:
Particularly tobacco and alcohol retail outlets and proximinty to schools, use of illegal purchases and the effect of licensing
Illicit supply:
Investigate the extent and impact of counterfeit and illegally sold products
Document breaches of legislation, other forms of marketing the products and, attitudes to retail displays and plain product packaging
Mass-media campaigns:
Measuring impacts on smoking prevalence and alcohol consumption
Smokefree policies:
Exploring extensions to existing smokefree policies and control on alcohol purchase and consumption
Product regulation:
Making the case for radical reform of nicotine product regulation to ensure that regulation corresponds to health risk


Sally Casswell - Massey University
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Petra Meier - University of Sheffield
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