Methodological innovation and large dataset use /

Cross-Cutting Theme 2

We employ the use of many large national survey datasets (e.g. General Lifestyle Survey, Health Survey for England) in our analyses of tobacco and alcohol use. Health data utilised include primary care databases such as the Health Improvement Network (THIN) and the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).

Ongoing work includes:

Novel methods to evaluate the imapce of tobacco interventions
Data mining to examine patterns and trends in large datasets
Use of tobacco brand price data to explore industry pricing over time
Evaluating the impact of different methods of quitting
Linking maternal/child records in THIN to explore impacts of parental smoking and/or high alcohol use in pregnancy


Sarah Lewis - University of Nottingham
0115 823 1387

Jo Leonardi-Bee - University of Nottingham
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We developed key indicators from the above data of alcohol consumption and smoking behaviour


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