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Cross-Cutting Theme 1

Smoking and harm from alcohol use are strongly related to socio-economic disadvantage.
Reducing smoking and alcohol related health inequalities are key national public health priorities but a recent review by UKCTAS found that tobacco control policies have not made much impact on inequalities in smoking. The priority then is to increase access to stop smoking services in economically disadvantaged areas, considering ways of delivering services to groups such as patients with mental health conditions, pregnant women and prisoners.

Ongoing work includes:

Assessing the use of financial incentives for smoking cessation in disadvantaged groups
Exploring disadvantaged young smokers' access to cigarettes and the impact of recent policy measures
Assessing smoking and mental health conditions (see 'other information' RCP report)
Examining the social pattering of alcohol use particularly with regard to socio-economic status


Amanda Amos - University of Edinburgh
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Sally Casswell - Massey University

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