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Latest Report:

Summary of activities, impacts and outputs 2013 - May 2017
This report updates our 2013-2015 review of outputs and achievements submitted to our International Advisory Board (IAB) in 2015 by providing an overview of key elements and impacts of our work from the commencement of our current five-year funding period in September 2013, including those developed since (and in response to) the IAB at its September 2015 meeting.

2015 Report:

Two year report on UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies - 2015
Minutes of 2015 International Advisory Board meeting

Previous reports from the first 5 years of funding:

Year One 2009
Year Two 2010
Year Three 2011
Year Four 2012
Year Five 2013
Written for the Economic and Social Research Council.

UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence Conference The 2014 PHRCoE conference was organised by UKCTAS and held in Leeds in June 2014.
Conference Report