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As well as the work from the Centre, listed on our 'research' page, the co-invesitigators also collaborate on further tobacco and alcohol research projects which are not directly funded by the UKCTAS. Most of the projects are in their early stages, so please do keep checking back for any developments on the research.

Collaborations on tobacco and alcohol research:

James Lind Alliance (JLA) PSP to identify and prioritise research questions relating to electronic cigarettes as a tool for smoking cessation and harm reduction.

Investigating tobacco and alcohol content in popular film and television in the UK.

Smoking and smoking cessation in England.

Cessation in Pregnancy Incentives Trial (Part III)

CPIT is a randomised control trial (RCT) examining effectiveness of financial incentives to help pregnant women quit smoking.

Evaluating longer term outcomes from NHS stop smoking services.

Evaluation of anti-smoking mass media campaigns.

An open-label randomised control trial of 205 families from deprived communities in England.