UKCTAS Early Careers Researchers Session - UKCRC16

13 July 2016, 2-5pm, Enterprise Centre University of East Anglia, Norwich


1. Updates from UKCTAS institutions

2. PhD student presentations (10 mins x4)

Presentation's and discussion's from PhD students who are at least several months into their studies. They will outline what they have done, what they plan still to do, and what they have learnt that could be useful for other PhDs and ECRs.

Leah Jayes (Tobacco, Nottingham)
Inge Kersbergen (Alcohol, Liverpool)
Paul Weate (Alcohol, Bath)
Daisy Thompson-Lake (Tobacco, QMUL)

3. Dealing with supervisors (10-15 mins)

Andy Jones (Psychological Sciences, University of Liverpool) is an experienced post-doc who has survived a PhD, and gives his suggestions of how best to work with supervisors.

4. Talks on experience of obtaining a fellowship,
the application process and inspiration hints and tips (10 mins each)

(a) Dr Ilze Bogdanovica (Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham) was awarded a Cancer Research UK fellowship in 2016 and gives her experiences of the application process.

(b) Dr Felix Naughton (Senior Fellow, University of Cambridge) is a Fellow of the Society for the Study of Addiction and will give his experiences of obtaining this award.

5. UKCTAS communication and knowledge exchange (15 mins)

Chris Hill, UKCTAS Digital Media & Centre Support Officer, University of Nottingham, will talk about developing a communication ‘way of working’ among ECRs and lead a discussion on the best ways of disseminating/communicating information, across the UKCTAS network.

6. Overseas research collaborations case study:
UK-Uruguay Tobacco and Alcohol Research Network (10 mins)

Graeme Docherty and Ilze Bogdanovica will give their experiences of a British Council sponsored Researcher Links Workshop which take took place in Uruguay 2016 and discuss new collaborations and possibilities for the future.

7. Informal chat and pre-conference discussion Venue: UEA café (30 mins)

All sessions will be followed by the opportunity to ask questions