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Nottingham Tobacco Control Database


Professor Sarah Lewis - Professor of Medical Statistics
University of Nottingham
0115 8231387

Dr Tessa Langley - Dr Tessa Langley
University of Nottingham
0115 8231355

About the project

The NTCD has been developed as part of a project funded by the National Prevention Research Initiative to evaluate the effect of several specific English tobacco control policies on markers of smoking cessation activity.

The database is a compilation of data from sources of smoking-related information on a national level. It contains a range of systematically updated monthly and annually measures of smoking cessation behaviour on a national level from national surveys, primary care data and over-the-counter sale of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Trends in key indicators

Here you will see findings and summaries containing graphs of the trends in key indicators of quitting behaviour in England, which intend to inform researchers, policy makers and other interested parties of trends in a range of valuable markers of quitting behaviour.